In questa pagina sono raccolti i vari webinar gratuiti per MODO:

  • A MODO, MARI and NUKE project for beginners [08 lug 2016] – “In this two-part webinar series aimed at beginners, Creative Specialist Martin Mayer will take you through the process of creating a digital nature scene using techniques applicable to both visual effects and advertising image production. Martin will use key components of The Foundry creative portfolio—MODO, MARI and NUKE—to create the scene from scratch.”
  • The power of MODO’s modeling paradigm [27 giu 2016] – “In this webinar, Andy Brown, creative specialist at The Foundry, explains the conceptual underpinnings of MODO’s modeling system and demonstrates exactly what it is that makes it so powerful.”
  • MARI 3.0 basics; Advanced rigging techniques in MODO [07 apr 2016] – “Yiris Hallal will be showing us how perform some advanced rigging tasks. Yiris is a CG generalist at Boxel, but rigging is where his work in MODO really shines. Yiris has been doing very interesting things with our tools. The performance on his rigs is excellent and he’s even worked out clever ways to do things like stretchy IK.”
  • Barry Zundel’s “MODO for UE4: rigging and animation” [24 feb 2016] – “Barry Zundel shows us how use MODO in connection with UE4 for rigging and animation.”
  • The Shader Tree and UV’s, plus an interview with artist David Vega [ 24 feb 2016] – “Find out how MODO’s UV tools and Shader Tree can make texturing your game assets a breeze.”
  • Getting started in MODO and workflow session with Tor Frick [17 dic 2015] – “This sessions guest presenter was Tor Frick who currently works at Machine Games as an Art Director. Tor shared a live workflow session with us – prepare to have your mind blown watching this master at work! Tor has worked on many games and has been gaining attention for the past couple years due to his workflow videos being streamed on Twitch.tv. Through scripts and Macro’s, he’s tailored MODO into a machine.”
  • Architectural Design Ideation in MODO – Novedge Webinar – [16 dic 2015] – “This webinar will focus on a design exploration process in MODO. We will take concepts through different iterations using various tools and processes in MODO. Although we will cover basic rendering topics, photo realistic visualization and detailing will not be covered. Instead we will be creating a virtual design study model of a house on an actual site.”
  • Exploring the Principles of Animation in MODO – “Brian Vowles takes you through the principles of animation in this free 12-part tutorial series.”
  • MODO in Automotive Design Webinar by Car Design News [15 dic 2014] – “The webinar was presented by The Foundry’s Brad Peebler, who has been working with automotive designers from the likes of BMW Designworks, Mercedes, Honda and Hyundai over the past 15 years. He was joined by Harald Belker, whose design credits include the Batmobile, made for the Warner Bros. Batman and Robin film, and the futuristic cars of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report.
    During the webinar, the experts from MODO presented walk-throughs of the design process using its software, with Belker using it to demonstrate how to best explore the shape of an early design. MODO is used by a number of clients including OEMs Honda and Toyota, and major manufacturers like Adidas and Trek.”
  • Novedge Webinar 133 MODO for Product Design and Design Visualization – Novedge Webinar – [08 ott 2014] – “MODO 801 has become an application capable of many things. Its underlying architecture allows its tools to be used in an almost unlimited number of ways. This isn`t surprising, as any modern VFX pipeline requires software that is versatile. This versatility often means it`s difficult to pigeonhole applications like MODO 801, and that`s a good thing! The downside of this versatility is that it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear view of what it can offer you, particularly if your field of work is very specific. So if you work in the fields of Product Design or Design Visualisation, and are curious about MODO, here are 10 reasons why you should take a closer look.”
  • Getting started with MODO Steam Edition – “Users completely new to MODO, or even 3D altogether might appreciate the introductory nature of these videos. To support your exploration of MODO Steam Edition, we’ve developed a series of training resources that take you through the key features used in creating your very own DOTA 2 weapons and item kits!”
  • Basics – Introduction to modeling (1/4) – Getting started in MODO [07 feb 2014] – “The first in a four part tutorial series, Martin Mayer introduces the basics in MODO’s modeling tools.”
  • Asset creation pipeline using MODO, Substance and Unity [04 nov 2013] – “Wes McDermott’s presentation at Unity’s 2013 Unite conference, discussing 3D content creation for game development and asset creation pipeline using The Foundry’s MODO, Allegorithmic Substance and Unity.”